Cuphead Mermaid Mug


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If you a Fan of the Cuphead series and you like Mermaids then this is the mug for you! These cute little Mugs / Cups feature Cala Maria Boss Mermaid from Cuphead game series. This Ceramic mug is Ivory colored petite, curvy and great mug to have your Espresso/ Latte, Coffee or Tea, whatever gets you started in the morning. This funny, adorable ceramic mug / cup can hold upto 11 ounce of your favorite beverage or Latte, and is a great addition to your Cuphead collection. and a kitchen delight. Enjoy your morning Coffee or Tea, in this funny mug and get an amusing start to your day! These mugs are lead free, Safe to Drink and designed to preserve the Taste / Aroma of food or liquid placed in them. They feature hight quality artwork, so not microwave or Dishwasher safe, and are meant for gentle hand-wash only.