EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow Classroom Clock 34cm


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The Easyread Time Teacher clock is the revolutionary new way of learning to tell the time. Learning to tell the time is an abstract concept which many children find challenging. With the Easyread Time Teacher clocks, telling the time just got well…easy! For children who can identify numbers to 30, kids can read the time with just a few minutes of instruction with 3 painless steps. It is that simple! The Classroom Clock has a diameter of 34cm, with the same rainbow face as the original clock. It can be easily seen from all corners of the classroom.

Awesome features of the Easyread time teacher kids clock that sets it apart from ordinary analogue clocks: The numbers are divided into their separate boxes eliminating confusion of which numbers the hands are pointing to. There is a clear distinction between the size of the hour numbers and hand and the minute numbers and hand making remembering the difference between the 2 effortless. The clock does not tick meaning kids can learn all about seconds without being distracted later. This is particularly helpful for children who have auditory figure-ground problems; difficulty in attending to important sounds and ignoring irrelevant noise.