EasyRead Time Teacher Watch Red/Blue (Blue Strap)


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Learning to tell the time is an essential skill for life, and the EasyRead Time Teaching Watch is the perfect tool to help them on their way. A revolutionary watch, it will help children learn to tell the time with 3 easy steps… A child’s first watch is special and it’s really important that it’s easy to read and understand. Age 5-12

WATER RESISTANT BATTERIES INSTALLED. The strap, including buckle is 215mm. The casing is 33mm diameter and the face is 28mm diameter First explain that the one side of the clock is called ‘minutes past’ and the other side is called ‘minutes to’. 1. Read the number at the end of the long hand (point to the number). 2. Say which side it’s pointing to: “minute past” green or blue side, (depending upon which watch you order) “minutes to” pink or red side (depending upon which watch you order) (point to the side of the watch and the words) 3. Then read the number at the end of the short hand (point to the number) Like this: “8 minutes to 2” (point to each item as you say it) Repeat until your child can tell the time without you pointing.