Hip Town Game


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Welcome to Hip Town; the birthplace of Hip-Coin Capitalism.

It’ll take style, street smarts, and a sense of humor to make it here and beat your fellow developers for the trendiest neighborhood in Hip Town.

Start with a blank canvas. Then fill your streetscape with niche businesses of your choice, from craft pickleries to modern speakeasies. Will you construct a culinary empire? A nightlife epicenter? Or something else entirely, marked with your own brand of wit and wisdom?

With over 100 unique businesses and a wide variety of game-changing “reality” cards, you’ll never play the same game twice.

Buying, Selling, Bidding, and Building; it’s all part of being hip… in Hip Town.


108 Property Cards
54 Reality Cards
60 Hip Coin Currency Pogs
1 8-sided die
1 Instructions sheet
For 2 or more players. Ages 13 and up.