Nanoblock Triceratops Skeleton Challenger Series


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A challenge for all budding palaeontologists! This Triceratops skeleton from the Challenger series will certainly provide hours of painstaking work to recreate the skeleton of one of the most well-known dinosaurs in pre-history. Nanoblocks, the micro-building blocks craze sweeping the world, are the perfect gift for the over-8’s, and indeed these harder sets appeal to the little ‘lego’ builder that remains inside every adult! Degree of difficulty of the Triceratops Skeleton is Level 5 (out of 8)

•With between 450-800 pieces the average builder takes 90 – 180 minutes to complete each nanoblock Challenger set. •Includes detailed color instructions. •Popular with boys & girls 12+ years. •Loved by teenagers and adults up to 60 years old.