Sonny Angel Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Series 2022


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* * * Special Offer * * * Buy 3 and receive 1 free. Buy 9 and receive a full, unopened box of twelve.

Inspired by “Green Cherry Blossoms”, this new series expresses the renewal of spring. The pale gradation of pink and green reminds us of the regrowth and reawakening of the season. Sonny Angels’s understated colours enable him to blend in with the cherry blossoms creating a beautiful and soothing spring scene. This is the third Cherry Blossom Series, with a rabbit, a calico cat, a goat and a peacock all decorated in soft pastel hues.

Total line-up is 4 figures + secrets. The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assorted box. Figures are distributed randomly. Please note that this assorted box may not include all figures in the series.

Single box price is $16.95.