* * * SPECIAL OFFER * * * Sonny Angel Limited Edition Valentine’s Day 2022 Series


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* * * SPECIAL OFFER * * *  Buy 5 and get 1 free. Buy 10 and receive an unopened box of 12.

Sonny Angel holds a big heart in both hands. On each heart you will find the words, “I love you” in different languages.
Decorated in pastel pink tones with hearts decorating his clothes, Sonny Angel will help you convey your love to that special someone.
On Valentine’s Day or any special day, why not ask Sonny Angel to help you say, “I love you” in languages of the world. Valentine Angels include mouse, fox, cow, rabbit, deer and dalmation. 

Total line-up is 6 figures + secret unicorn. The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assorted box. Figures are distributed randomly. Please note that this assorted box may not include all figures in the series.

Single box price is $16.95.