Wheely Bug Tiger Small


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Imagine if you could tame your own little tiger or cow, get on its back and ride around having all kinds of adventures!

Wheely bugs are an Australian-designed, multi-awards winning product suitable for children from 1 year old to a maximum of 53kg.

The bright and friendly designs are an instant attraction to girls and boys alike.

They are entirely multidirectional and go backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round, promoting gross motor skills from which all higher learning evolves.

Wheely Bugs come in all sorts of shapes – from bugs to farm animals, and they’re here to be your little one’s newest best friend. With four fully mobile wheels and a padded body covered in soft faux-leather, children can hop on and ride them around til the cows come home.

They’ll learn all kinds of gross motor skills, and have a newfound sense of independence from their new vehicle, yet they are safe for children of various ages – from those on the cusp of walking to post toddler.

Riding on the back of a tiger – now isn’t that the ultimate kid’s fantasy?

Features: •Designed in Australia.
•Bodies are padded and covered in a layer of tough faux-leather.
•Base is made from ecologically sourced Poplar plywood, which has ergonomic rounded contours for safety.
•Rust-free aluminium handle helps to keep children balanced.
•Very safe and user friendly.
•Four fully mobile wheels can go backwards, forwards, side to side – anywhere the adventurous rider wants to go!
•Promotes gross motor skills from which all higher learning evolves.
•Bright and friendly design which kids will fall in love with.
•Easy to wipe clean.

Design: Tiger.
Dimensions: 38cm (l) x 22cm (w) x 28cm (h), including handle.